The Speed Reading Secret

What if you could TRIPLE your reading speed in under 60 minutes?

That was the question Dr Michael Masterman asked me to consider -- when he sent me a review copy of his new speed reading audio course three months ago. And you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't believe it!

Now, I've always avoided learning how to speed read.


Because I always believed it'd take hours of training to really "work properly." And I'd heard a couple of horror stories too. (One very well-known six-CD course essentially suggests listening to fast music while reading. Now that's incredibly draining - and not exactly suited to a slow-paced romance!)

Michael promised I would literally triple my reading speed in well under an hour (without fast music or other gimmicks!) -- and said that his audio course included tests to prove it. He also said I'd be able to maintain that super-fast reading speed, even weeks later. I took the course. It worked. And I'm STILL reading at lightening speeds!That's exactly why I wanted to write and tell you about Michael's "Speed Reading Secret" course today!

But don't listen to me chat about it.

If you want to blast through e-mail messages, Web pages, revision, books or reports (and pick up an amazing new vocabulary along the way), then check out his site:-

The Speed Reading Secret

The course includes tests, so you can literally see just how well you've improved. And if you don't improve enough, claim your money back through his guarantee! Michael predicts the average person could save one day a week following his advice.

I think he's probably right.


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Meditation Meditation Meditation!

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation.

Anyone remotely interested in self-development knows they should do it.

But few people actually dedicate the YEARS of STRICT PRACTICE required to truly see the awesome, life-changing benefits.

People just can't be bothered
EVEN when the advantages of meditating for hours each day are WELL-KNOWN and TRULY PROFOUND....

Years of meditation can provide dazzling spiritual insights. It helps turbo-charge your IQ. It puts you on a permanent, all-natural life high. It dissolves all of your unwanted emotional baggage, leaving you feeling totally free.
It's SO MAGICAL - you really have to EXPERIENCE IT to BELIEVE IT.

But who has THAT much time on their hands?

Well, scientists have recently discovered a new way of meditating DEEPER than a ZEN MONK -- just by listening to a CD containing "binaural beats."

The results have been nothing short of AMAZING.

Can you IMAGINE simply listening to a CD -- and INSTANTLY gaining the benefits that spiritual leaders spend a LIFETIME trying to achieve?

You can.

The research has just been published as "The Meditation Program" and you can learn more, and even download your own audio version RIGHT NOW, by visiting the official site:-

Meditation Meditation Meditation!

Click on the link above NOW. I highly recommend the entire program.

This is one of the few things that genuinely WILL change your life. And it's proven by science, too.

Try it -- and see for yourself.

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The Quantum Cookbook

You're tried Manifesting.

You're doing everything recommended in The Secret.

You've experimented with Cosmic Ordering. You've learned about Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction.

But you're STILL not getting great results, right?

Bradley Thompson knows why.

He's manifested a dream lifestyle over the past twenty years - and he knows the TWO MISSING STEPS that "The Secret" doesn't tell you.

He'll prove to you that manifesting works brilliantly -- BUT ONLY when you follow his six step system.

Not only that, he'll hand over $150 if it DOESN'T work for you.
I urge you to learn more.

Visit The Quantum Cookbook - TODAY!


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Subliminal Power

I'm a big fan of self-improvement books and courses.

I think each of us owes it to ourselves to become all that we can be.But reading a book or following a course is so time-consuming. Sometimes I feel that there are so many aspects of my life I want to improve I'll be an old man before I've even changed half of them!

That's why I was delighted to discover Bradley Thomson and his incredible 'Subliminal Power' website.
Bradley's Subliminal Power tool lets you achieve all that you want to achieve in a fraction of the time and with absolutely NO effort whatsoever!

It's a little tool that runs in the background on your PC, making carefully constructed 'suggestions' to your subconscious while you get on with your work. It's the mental equivalent of those abdominal exercisers that let you do 3,000 press ups while sitting in a chair!

With Bradley's technology you can raise your IQ to genius level, develop astonishing powers of concentration and recall, become a 'natural' salesperson or public speaker and even 'command' your body to lose weight. You can use subliminal messaging to be who YOU want to be with absolutely NO effort on your behalf!

It's far more powerful than hypnosis ... in fact, I'd go so far as to say it's the most powerful tool for self-empowerment there is.

Check out Bradley's site Subliminal Power

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Wouldn't it be great if you were master of your thoughts, instead of a slave to them?

So, for instance, when you want to be chilled out and relaxed, you can gently stop yourself from worrying about work. Or, if you need to be super-focused on the task at hand, you can quit dreaming about the weekend and harness all your mental resources to help you.Well, you can. Not by effort, not by willpower, not by hypnosis ... but by simply listening to a special CD.

For years scientists have understood the relationship between audio frequencies and brainwave patterns and how to induce certain states of mind by listening to certain sounds. They call these sounds 'Binaural Beats'.

Now, thanks to the new range of Binaural Beat CDs at Binaural-Beats you can use this amazing technology to create whatever state of mind you wish. So, for instance you can use the 'Digital Drug' CD to create a feeling of euphoria and 'oneness' with the world; the 'Ultra-Deep Meditation' CD to reach the same meditative states it take gurus and Tibetan monks years to master; or the 'Razor Sharp Focus CD' to make your mind as concentrated as a laser beam.

With the correct application of binaural beat technology, you can train your mind to work for you, rather than against you.

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Lucid Dreaming Kits

Do you remember all the hype about Virtual Reality?

If you believed what the pundits were saying over a decade ago, by now our leisure time would be spent exploring alternate worlds and having adventures as secret agents, powerful warriors or even real-life Casanovas ... all as if we were 'really there'.

Unfortunately, technology never quite got there ... and maybe never will.But, did you know that there are a few men and women who enjoy adventures in 'virtual reality' one, two or even seven times every week?

These fortunate people have harnessed the power of what is known as 'lucid dreaming'. Unlike 'normal' dreams which are hazy, confused and often forgotten the second you wake up, lucid dreams are special. In a lucid dream you are 'awake within the dream'.

You know you're dreaming, yet the world around you seems as 'real' as the one you're in now. So, whether you want to fly a fighter aircraft, sleep with Cameron Diaz or play guitar onstage with your favorite band, you can do it in a lucid dream.

It will seem as real as anything you have ever done ... and you'll remember it in the morning too!

Fortunately, the simple techniques you need to master to have a lucid dream whenever you want one are no longer the secrets of a 'chosen few'.

You can start your night-time adventures today by visiting:- Lucid Dreaming Kits

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Instant Hypnosis

What would YOU most like to change in YOUR LIFE?

Would you like to LOSE WEIGHT? Perhaps QUIT SMOKING?

Maybe you'd like to get rid of your stage fright, boost your immune system, or release your fear of spiders? ... Or perhaps you'd like to read faster, or stop snoring, or master the piano?

Life is limitless!

And NOW you can achieve ALL of these things - and much more - completely without effort, thanks to one fantastic website.

It's called - and since it's launch in 2005, it's grown to become the world's largest hypnotherapy website.

With almost 300 instantly downloadable hypnosis sessions, covering everything from Accelerated Learning to Zen Meditation, it's SURE to have something for you.

Each downloadable session is super-discounted right now, with big multi-purchase savings - and there's even FREE international shipping if you order the CD versions.

So, if you'd like to enjoy AMAZING, LONG-STANDING CHANGE in your life, then check out the official site online at:-

Visit TODAY. I guarantee you'll LOVE it.

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Be Psychic!

Let me tell you about my friend Bradley Thompson.

He’s a phenomenally successful self-development author, a widely-respected scientist, and perhaps one of the most educated and intelligent people I know.

He can also predict the future, reads people’s minds, cures sick pets with his bare hands and spends quite a lot of his time “outside” his physical body.

That’s because Bradley is psychic.

No, I haven’t gone nuts and neither has he.

Bradley is the REAL DEAL.

He’s got these awesome powers, but he says he’s nothing special. He’s not the seventh son of seventh son, or born on a night of the full moon or anything like that. Actually, he was born in a very ordinary-looking hospital in Yorkshire, England just after the British happy hour.

But I digress.

To Bradley, psychic abilities are just another branch of science. One which we don’t fully understand yet. He believes we all have these gifts – we simply need to learn how to use them.

And that’s why he’s been teaching people. Including me!

And I’ve got to tell you, I was sceptical about this stuff. But not any more. Not since I’ve been doing some pretty crazy things myself.

Like reading my sister’s mind (she FREAKED!) and predicting the EXACT scores of THREE basketball matches with 100% accuracy!

So, why don’t check this stuff out for yourself?

He’s offering a FREE MINI-COURSE to anyone interested in finding out more about their psychic potential.

Find out all about it here:- Be Psychic

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The Absolute Secret

Last month, I discovered a secret. It’s a secret that almost every great achiever in the world knows.

It’s a little-known technique that’ll enable you to experience success, happiness, WEALTH, and amazing coincidences beyond your wildest dreams.And that very secret was the subject of numerous books in the early 1900’s, particularly a special long-lost 1926 book.

It’s a book that Bill Gates himself studied as a student.

It’s NOT a book about positive thinking, or self-hypnosis, or affirmations, or anything of that sort. This is an actual GENUINE secret, a physical tangible secret that YOU can use to make amazing change in your life – starting today!

This long-lost 1926 book has recently resurfaced in a dusty Scottish attic, and – for the first time ever – is being made available in a special compilation from self-development guru Bradley Thompson.

He calls it The Absolute Secret.

So, exactly what is The Absolute Secret? And how can you use it’s secret powers to make awesome change in your own personal life – starting TODAY?

Let him show you.

Visit the site at The Absolute Secret to learn more.

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Plus Kits - Powerful self-development CDs

It all happened two months ago...

That was when my friend Jim approached me, desperate for a way to lose a little weight and improve his confidence. He's newly-divorced and wanted a helping hand.Knowing that I work in the self-development industry, he came to me for advice.He knew that certain techniques worked, such as hypnosis and NLP. However he didn't want to waste his time "butterfly hopping" from one thing to the next... and never actually getting anywhere.And boy, did I know THAT feeling!So I began searching for him. I wanted something that would REALLY make a difference, without any of the usual bull.

And I stumbled across one exciting new site...Rather than focusing on just one style of self-development, this site combines three of the best. It's called Plus Kits and the guys behind it produce just SIX CDs. No more! Each CD combines the very latest in HYPNOSIS... NLP... and BRAINWAVES... and the result is perhaps the deepest, most powerful self-development CDs I've ever experienced.

WOW - these CDs are going to be BIG!

If you spoke with Jim today, you'd think he was a new man. He's dating again and his confidence is sky-high. All after listening for just a couple of hours I actually went on to order the entire range of CDs myself - and can notice a difference each time I listen to them!They're powerful... and they actually WORK.

The site only produces six CDs: Confidence +, Health +, The Zone +, Weight Loss +, Love + and Intelligence +

So, if any of those topics interest you, then make sure you check out the site.

Stop by online at
Plus Kits

I know the power of these recordings, and that's why I'm recommending them to you.

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